The Dharma Blossom Hall of Sleepy Hollow is an ongoing project to establish a sacred space open to the public for the worship, study, and propagation of the Nichiren Lotus Dharma Buddhist teachings in Sleepy Hollow, New York. Presently, the Dharma Blossom Hall is an unfinished space above the garage in my backyard but in the coming months and years it will be transformed to serve this special purpose. It is my prayer that the Dharma Blossom Hall of Sleepy Hollow will be a beacon and gathering place for those who hear the Sublime Dharma of the White Lotus for years to come.

This site is part of the project serving several purposes. First, it is the online "marquee" to publicize the project. Second, the project of transforming the space will be chronicled in blog entries and updates to keep people informed about progress and events while also being an open and public vow that I will feel compelled to follow through upon. Third, this site will endeavor to be a non-sectarian online resource for information on the Sublime Dharma of the White Lotus.

What is the Sublime Dharma of the White Lotus?

In non-technical terms and at the risk of misleading the unspecialized reader, the Sublime Dharma of the White Lotus is on one hand the actual reality of our lives, beyond conception. It is, without exception, coextensive with its explanation and the practices leading to its realization. According to the Sublime Dharma of the White Lotus tradition in East Asia, the historical Buddha Shakyamuni (5th to 6th centuries B.C.E.) expounded on this teaching in the last eight years of his life and it was later recorded as a text commonly referred to as the Lotus Sutra. The Sublime Dharma has extensively been explained by Buddhist adepts through the ages, most notably by the Chinese monk, Zhiyi (538-597). In the 13th century, the Japanese monk Nichiren (1222-1282) demonstrated its practice and laid the foundation for its wide propagation.

Further explanation is beyond the scope of this introduction to the site, but suffice it to state for the time being, the entirety of the Sublime Dharma of the White Lotus including the teachings, the practice, the reward, and ultimate reality is embodied in the expression of devotion to the Lotus Sutra’s title, “Namu Myohorengekyo,” “I most profoundly honor the Sublime Dharma of the White Lotus Teaching.”

All who seek fellowship in the Sublime Dharma of the White Lotus are welcome. Please check in from time to time to hear about updates and of course feel free to participate in the project both online and in person.

Matthew P.

Sleepy Hollow, New York

April 2014